Control planes — the future of cloud

The cloud vendors have been building with control planes for years. Now Crossplane helps you do the same. Control planes are self-healing—they automatically correct drift. Consumers can self-service fast because control planes offer a single point of control for policy and permissions and control planes integrate easily with other systems because they expose an API, not just a command-line.

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Why use Crossplane to build control planes?

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Declarative configuration

Crossplane lets you build a control plane with Kubernetes-style declarative and API-driven configuration and management for anything. Through this approach, applications and infrastructure managed through your control plane are self-healing right out of the box.

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Unify application and infrastructure configuration and deployment

Crossplane enables application and infrastructure configuration to co-exist in the same control plane, reducing the complexity of your toolchains and deployment pipelines.

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One source of truth for infrastructure configuration and setup

Control planes built with Crossplane integrate with CI/CD pipelines, so teams can create, track, and approve changes using GitOps best practices.

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Automate operational tasks with reconciling controllers

Your control planes are made up of several controllers, which are responsible for the entire lifecycle of a resource. Each resource is responsible for provisioning, health, scaling, failover, and actively responding to external changes that deviate from the desired configuration.

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Built with high levels of extensibility

Control planes built with Crossplane leverage broadly accepted Kubernetes patterns, making it easily extensible by adding your own APIs and controllers. Increase flexibility and security by baking policies, quotas, and permissions into a custom definition.

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A strong separation of concerns.

Crossplane lets you bake in organisational concepts and policy at the API level, allowing your customers the freedom to self-service within the bounds of the control plane APIs you've defined.

Where open-source meets enterprise

Upbound helps you build, deploy, and manage your internal cloud platforms using control planes, powered by Crossplane and optimized by Upbound.

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Crossplane is open source and community driven

Crossplane is an open source control plane framework supported by the cloud-native community. Crossplane has been endorsed by some of the world's best companies and is released under the Apache 2.0 license. We remain committed to our community and will always be vendor neutral.

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